Mrs b

Meet Mrs Brown, the lovable, loud-mouthed, mother of Ireland.

Welcome to the Mrs Brown's Boys WikiEdit

Welcome to the Mrs Brown's Boys's wiki, here you can find everything you need to know about Mrs Brown and her family/friends. She has 5 boys and a girl, and is always close to her friend Winnie, or the local priests Father Damien and Father Quinn. Spanning over nearly three series and a number of live performances, Mrs Brown has brought her family together more times than any other comedy.

Behind the scenes:Edit

Mrs Brown's Boys is a television series run by the BBC and the Irish Television Corporation. It has spanned 3 series, so far, and is due to have another in January. It stars Brendan O'Carroll and some family and friends in the multi award winning show, Mrs Brown's Boys.

Latest news:Edit

January 27th 2013 - Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, was announced.

September 2013 - Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is being filmed

27 June 2014 - Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie was released in the U.K.

Character of the weekEdit



"week 3 - CathyEdit

Cathy is the relationshiply troubled only daughter of Mrs Brown. She is a phychologist having been lectured by her ex-boyfriend Prof. Clowne, pronounced "Cloone."


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