Agnes Brown:Edit

Agnes Brown is the main protaganist in Mrs Brown's Boys. She is the mother of five children and a widow after the death of her husband. Agnes likes to get involved in her children's lives, like for example when her daughter-in-law, Maria, was throwing a hen party, she tried to find out where the party was so she and her best friend, Winnie could attend. Agnes's personality would be described as funny, cheery, often grumpy, and protective of her family. She mostly tends to wear a cardigan, a dress and an apron.

Mrs Brown is the widow of Redser Brown, a 'drunk', the mother of: Mark, Trevor, Rory, Cathy, and Dermot. She often says she has 6 children, and she had , but he is never mentioned. She and her best friend (Winnie)  love to either be in 'Foley's' or in the kitchen. She lives with her daughter, and her husband's father, Grandad.